When you arrive

We would encourage all schools to aim to arrive at Westpoint as soon as they are able between 9.00 and 9.45 am as the earlier the schools are able to get to the site the easier it will be to book everybody in.

Directions to Westpoint can be found on our Event housekeeping page or on the main Westpoint website.

When you arrive at Westpoint please come in via the main entrance and signs will direct you to the Farmwise Devon car park.  A separate disabled parking area will be available – please ask a gate steward to direct you if required.

The majority of the event will operate in the Westpoint arena and all schools (pupils and teachers) will be required to register as a group in the arena reception area on arrival.  School groups will be split into smaller groups of no more than 15 and schools will need to ensure that a responsible adult is available to accompany each of these groups. The group will also be allocated a steward who will be responsible for guiding the group to their allocated activity zones during the day and take responsibility for dealing with any emergencies that may arise.

Once the groups have been registered and allocated a steward the individual groups will be directed into the building to formally engage in the timetabled event at 10.00 am.  Each group will be provided with a plastic storage box for any coats or bags they do not want to carry during the event.

Please can we assure all participants that there is extensive provision in place for hand washing and toilet facilities.

There are five activity zones containing farm livestock and it is important that people wash their hands after departing these zones.

For any school that arrives before 10:00 am there will be an opportunity for these groups to visit an additional zone in addition to their scheduled zones on the day, once they’ve been allocated a steward and been registered.