Our fun events are all about farming in Devon and where our food comes from. At Farmwise children can touch, feel and even smell how farms work!

Statement on Farmwise Devon events 2021

Sadly during 2020, it was not possible or appropriate to deliver any Farmwise events due to the pandemic. The organisers have now made the tough decision that regrettably it is not appropriate to hold the Farmwise 2021 events. 

The ethos of Farmwise has always been to give primary school children and teachers opportunity to engage in practical activities and ‘touch, feel and smell’ a range of tasks in a very hands-on way. It is very unlikely the audience will have been vaccinated for several months.

At the two annual Farmwise events (at Westpoint in October and County Show in July) Farmwise has attracted attendances of between 1500 and 3000 from many schools and we consider there is no feasible way of socially distancing children or school group without drastically reducing admission numbers.

There are also considerable challenges in terms of sanitising equipment and surfaces. We also consider that schools and parents may well be uncomfortable to allow children to attend events even if we could overcome the range of challenges.

We are looking forward to spring 2022 when we expect that Farmwise will be in a position to resume in its old and improved format, (but of course, based on government guidance at the time in respect of COVID restrictions).

Our intent will be (as it ever has been) to provide events:

  • of the best quality
  • that provide high learning gain
  • that are safe to attend
  • that provide a rich experience of farming and food production in Devon County Council

We look forward to seeing you in 2022 at Farmwise events.

Best wishes

The Farmwise Team