Why choose Farmwise?

We want pupils to enjoy the day and we want it to really help your learning in school.

We hope to answer some questions like:

  • Why is farming important for Devon?
  • Do farms in Devon do a lot to feed us?
  • What sorts of food come from Devon farms?
  • Why is farming important to the environment?
  • Do Devon farms support a lot of wildlife?
  • What is the best smoothie ever?!

Feedback from previous events:

“I thought this was probably the best trip I have done with my class. They loved it and so did I!”

“I just wanted to say what an amazing day we had at Farmwise. All my class and the teachers who accompanied me had an amazing time. The event was incredibly well organised with so many varied activities that my class didn’t want to leave.”

“Fantastic event that the children always enjoy. Thank you.”