Devon County Farm tenants

Farmers from across Devon play a key role in our Farmwise events.

Robin Bowditch is a dairy farmer at Tarrants Farm in Payhembury. Robin is a keen exhibitor of cows and is one of the organisers of the dairy zone.

Chris and Louise Carpenter are dairy farmers at Fairfield Farm, Denbury. Chris is another of the contributors of the dairy section. Chris and Louise make Aunty Moos Ice-Cream on their farm in Denbury.

James Baker is a dairy farmer at New Ford Farm, Rockbeare. James is another of the contributors of the dairy section and in fact it is his very own cows that are being milked.

Gordon Davies is a dairy farmer at Westcott Farm, Burlescombe. Gordon plays a vital role in the collection and distribution of milk from Devon farms to London for use in many different food products including puddings and ice-cream.

Chris McWhirter is a sheep farmer at Lower Farm, High Bickington. Chris is an organiser of the sheep section and kindly brought some of his sheep for display in the sheep zone.

Liz and Marcus Warner farm at Lower Henland Farm, Kentisbeare. Liz and Marcus have a variety of different poultry enterprises at Lower Henland Farm, including quail, ducks and chickens. They are the organisers of the poultry section.

James and Naomi Law are beef farmers at Coppa Dolla Farm, Broadhempston. James and Naomi are contributors to the beef section and had their very own animals on display in the beef zone.

David Bragg is a mixed farmer at Higher Artiscombe Farm, Tavistock. David is heavily involved with making, transporting and utilising compost. Davis is one of the contributors of the environmental section.

Barny and Marie Butterfield are cider makers who farm in Crediton. Barny has won lots of awards for his cider including a ‘Golden Fork’ at the Guild of Fine Foods Awards.